IMG_2950P Background 
I joined the faculty of University of California, Santa Barbara, after receiving my PhD in Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics from the University of California, Berkeley, in 2000. Outside of my appointment as a professor of Environmental and Resource Economics, I am an avid fisherman, diver and traveler. These hobbies frequently intersect or inspire my Research concerning natural resource economics and policy on property rights. In my work, I combine theoretical micro-economics with modeling and empirical analysis, often to inform policy on fisheries management, biological diversity, introduced species, industrial regulation, or marine policy. I partner with colleagues from around the world to translate my research into on-the-ground action in a diverse spectrum of developed and developing countries, including Peru, Chile, Mexico, Cuba, Indonesia, China, the United States and Cambodia.

In addition to my academic pursuits, I welcome opportunities to educate and engage the public in discussions about sustainable resource use and feeding future generations from the sea. You can explore some of my recent outreach activities on my Media page. I encourage press representatives, event organizers, potential collaborators or institutional partners to contact me via the address or phone number at the bottom of this page. Finally, if you think you would like to join my research efforts, explore the work that People in my lab group are doing, and consider my guidance for prospective students.

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